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What’s in store for the other Chinese zodiac signs?


THE Water element may wreak havoc in the Year of the Rooster, warns Y.L. Hew, a Malaysian civil engineer who has studied Chinese astrology and written books on the subject. Countries along the Equator may suffer water-related problems, especially from Sept 4 to Oct 2, says Hew.

Hew, the author of Chinese Astrology – The Purple Star System (1999) and Chinese Astrology: The Scientific Ways (2002), looks at what’s in store for the different zodiac signs this year.

The Water element may wreak havoc in the Year of the Rooster, says Y.L. Hew.
Hew cites Quantum Age (one year added to one’s age) in his forecasts and explains that astrological morphomatics, a combination of morphology (the study of the form of things) and mathematics, counts age differently. You are one year old at birth and have another year added to your age right after Chinese New Year.


Your career path is more or less in the planning or stagnant stage. If you are 34 or 46, you can expect someone to assist you in your career. There will also be a lot of opportunities to dabble in information technology. Avoid risky investments.

Those who are married can expect a baby. If you are 22, you are likely to meet up with a partner. If you are 58, stay away from extra-marital relationships as these will destroy your marriage.

If you are 70 or 82, you may have blood circulation problems and suffer from osteoporosis. Those who are 46 should beware of water disasters, especially during the eighth lunar month.


Expect plenty of opportunities this year as the shooting stars are favourable for your promotion and performance. Do not let your emotions affect your love life. Tolerance is the best way to avoid conflict. You should spend more time resting.


Your career path may not be smooth this year. Nevertheless, you should maintain your virtuous attitude to overcome any obstacle. Look out for sabotage and gossip at your workplace.

You must avoid high expenditure this year. Try not to borrow or lend money and stay away from speculative businesses. You may be in conflict with your partner but be patient. Take it easy or you will be easily stressed out. Avoid unhealthy habits.


You are not able to proceed with your career smoothly. Proper investment will help you overcome obstacles. You can’t avoid conflict and gossip this year. If you are 31, you may suffer from fatigue and feel uneasy throughout the year.


Expect some changes in your career path. You are able to promote and plan your career in a satisfactory manner. Do not be egoistic but remember that humility is the key to success.

You should spend more time with your partner. Overall, health is fine but some of you who are 66 or 78 may have to undergo minor surgery.


Some events may mar your confidence. You have an edge if your career is related to the food industry. While you can expect to earn more, you will be spending a lot too. You will be affected by love problems that could threaten your relationship throughout the year if you are 29 or 41. Avoid attending funerals this year. The negative energy field may affect your health.


You’re in luck if you’re in the entertainment business this year. Your personal charm may win many hearts and your admirers will help you achieve your goals.

Luck will be smiling on you but money comes and goes easily. You will spend a lot of money on the opposite sex.

If you are 28, you will enjoy a good chance of meeting a partner or getting married. Those of you who are 40 or 52 especially, should refrain from having extra-marital relationships.


Your career path may not run smoothly, especially if you are 51. You may get tired of handling your daily assignments.

Wealth luck will not be that good for direct and indirect income. You can expect loses if you engage in speculative business.

Your partner is too busy to entertain you. Your love life this year is rather unexciting. Avoid attending any funeral this year if you are 51.


If you are 26, your Samaritan will be someone older or your superior. You may travel or be based outstation. Your wealth luck is normal this year.

Too much stress may affect your love life. Stay calm to avoid conflict. Health luck is bad this year. Take up regular exercise to maintain your blood pressure.


You face many problems in your career. Be careful in your dealings and prepare for the worst. Keep a low profile at work. If you are 37 or 61, avoid outdoor activities if possible.

Wealth will not be good this year and you need to cut down on your daily expenses.

You may quarrel with your partner. Stay calm and try to overcome the obstacles in your love relationship.

Health is not good this year and it is hard for you to avoid body injuries. Stay away from funerals.


You may embark on a new career this year. Your imagination and wisdom will help you achieve success in your endeavours. You will earn a good reputation because of your commendable performance.

Wealth luck is a bit unstable this year but you may gain some indirect income.

Love luck is pretty good this year where married couples are concerned. Single persons should attend more seminars or engage in charity works to meet a partner.

You will feel uneasy this year. Health luck apparently is good but you may suffer blood circulation problems if you are 72.


You may not be so lucky in your career this year. Problems will appear in everything you do. You are lonely and frustrated in handling your tasks.

You travel for the sake of travelling and will be easily exhausted. By being away so often, you neglect your partner and may be bored by his or her suggestions.

Wealth luck is normal this year. Avoid attending funerals as the negative energy field may adversely affect your health.

Y.L. Hew will be giving a talk at the following venues: MPH Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur (Feb 20, 3pm-4pm), MPH The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya (Feb 26, 3pm-4pm) and MPH Megastore, 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya (Feb 27, 3pm-4pm). He can be contacted at


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