Tuesday, March 29, 2005

State-by-state round-up


Chan Kwi Chin, 30, a mother of two children who was admitted to the 10-storey Mahkota Medical Centre:

“It was so scary. This was the first time I felt such a shake and it was very strong. The television in the room was shaking. I came out of the room to check what was happening, then I grabbed my children and ran out of the room with the maid. We came down by lift and called my husband,” said Chan who was among 122 patients and hundreds more relatives rushed out of the building.


Jagiee Kaur, a media consultant from Kuala Lumpur who was holidaying in Teluk Intan: My family members and I ran out of my house when the tremors began. I immediately contacted the police station and police officers on duty told me they had been receiving a lot of calls after the tremors.

Petaling Jaya

Simon Chua, 52, a taxi driver, who lives on 12th floor Kelana D'Puteri apartments in Kelana Jaya: “I was having a can of beer, when the apartment started swaying a little and saw my lazy chair moving. I thought I had too much to drink, but seconds later my son who lives on the 16th floor called me about the movement.”

Student Jaklyn Pang, 21, Kelana D'Puteri, Kelana Jaya: “I could feel the apartment swaying a little and when my housemate felt the same movement we decided to rush down.”

Alex Chia, 35, sales manager who lives on the 16th floor of Block Harmoni, Crimson Apartments in Kelana Jaya: “I had just arrived home at about 12.20am when I felt the tremors. I saw the clothes hangers hanging on the wall swaying and the drum inside the washing machine was shaking.”

Chow Kit, KL

City Fire and Rescue Department assistant director (operations) Abu Obaidat, who stays on the 15th Floor of the Menara Kota fire station in Chow Kit: “I was doing some office work on my home computer, when I suddenly started feeling dizzy for about 20 seconds.

“I thought that I was just tired and decided to turn off the compute, when the phones started ringing from the operations room informing me of the tremor.”

Taman Desa, KL

Leong Shen-min, 30, who lives on 4th floor of an apartment in Taman Desa: “I was watching television when the chimes in the hall started tinkling loudly. The surface of the water in my cup started shaking also. It was really frightening.''

Section 3, Kinrara, Subang Jaya

Shukri Halim, 28, 7th floor resident of Vista Lavender Apartments in Kinrara Section Three: “My chair started shaking so violently and I said to myself: 'Is a ghost disturbing me?' Then, I saw my son's ball moving around on the floor. I grabbed him and ran downstairs from the with my wife and drove my car out of the basement.”


L/Kpl Abu Hassan Ismail from Kuala Teriang police station: “About 25 villagers came (to the police station) at about 12.20am after feeling the tremors five minutes earlier. We told them to be ready for any eventualities. The hotels asked us to alert them is there were big wave. An ambulance is on standby at the station.”


Kampung Permatang Tepi Laut villager Wadi Yahaya: “I felt the tremors at 12.10am and several fishermen went around alerting the other people. The people in the area have gathered at the community hall. From the experience of the tsunami of Dec 26, our village was hit by the tsunami four hours after the earthquake occurred. This time we are taking precautions,”

Kuala Pulau Betong in Balik Pulau village head Tan Kim Hoon: “I immediately switched on to CNN to get more information, and quickly informed the people nearby to evacuate the area when I felt the tremors.”

Vijay Anandh Vela, 27, who was having a drink with his friends at a pub in Seberang Prai: “The television sets on a cabinet were moving, while many of the cars parked outside the premises were also seen moving a little. Some 20 patrons at the pub immediately rushed out of the building for safety. We felt the tremors for more than 30 seconds.”



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